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Promotion Night

Shane Sorum was just promoted Tuesday Night March 17th 2020 to the rank of Rokyu. 

Shane pasted the test with great success.

Matt Fabian was Shane's Uki and is an excellent Judo and Jujitsu student that Shane has the privilege to work with. 

Come and Join us Tuesday Nights from 5:30pm to 7:30 pm.

email me for details...polbeth@hbci.com

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We Just Installed A New Mat.

This is 2" of falling comfort and is a very nice falling surface.

Raymond loves the softer landing!!!

Thanks to all who help with the purchase and thanks to the late and great Sensei Wilkinson for donating the 2" of Poly mar Mat under the Judo cover. 

Come and check us out.

Remember, "The victory is not in the falling, but in the rising every time we fall".

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Sankyu Promotion Today!

Raymond P. was promoted to 3rd degree brown belt today, August 17th, 2019. He has been studying the Art of Judo and JuJitsu with us for almost 2 years now.

Raymonds Uki's are Matt Fabian and Levi Polus.

There are 3 degrees of brown belt with Judo and Japanese JuJitsu. 3rd degree is Sankyu. 2nd Degree is Nikyu. 1st degree is Ikkyu. 

E-mail us today if you are interested in Judo and JuJitsu.

Check out all of our You Tube video's. You can find them on the Home Page by clicking on the icon. 

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Sensei Brice Wilkinson Has Died.

We lost Sensei Wilkinson on July 20th 2019. I have journeyed with Sensei for the past 44 years . Our journey together started in 1975 at Winona State University at which time I joined his Judo Club at the Winona YMCA. My time with him was right up to the very end.  My Sensei, my inspiration, my friend. He fought a good fight and I shall miss him deeply.

The impeccable warrior in Judo and Tai Chi.

His expertise In Judo has been a part of our dojo from the beginning and his energy will always be with us. We have received two of his certificates from the Kodokan awarded him in 1955, we shall hang them in the dojo with great honor next to Sensei Porters Kudan promotion from the USJA. To know more about Sensei go to more at the top of our page, click on Sensei Wilkinson's page and click on his you tube video. It is a good interview. 

Come and learn what this great Sensei taught us for years. He and Sensei Porter have left something very special with the Burns Valley Judo Club.

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Max Lossen and Levi Polus

Max and Levi are both Medical Students. Max is in town for a stay and he and Levi are hard at it! They just ran to the top of Garvin today...if you have not tried it, let me tell you, it is a work out. I used to run it with an oak log on my shoulders. You try that some time...

Max wrestled for Michigan State for four years and Levi wrestled for the University of Eau Claire Wisconsin.

Come and see what our Martial Art is all about.

Our Club is starting new classes.

Come and get started on a new journey today, you will  not regret it. 

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Dinner with Sensei Wilkinson and his wife.

Sensei Polus, Sensei Wilkinson, Bahieh, Marybeth, Thea, Levi, Brianna, and Raymond all enjoyed a great meal together at the Black Horse.

The stories from Sensei Wilkinsons days studying Judo in Japan were great.

Stories when Keith drove Sensei out to Boulder Co. when he was inducted into the wrestling hall of fame. Stories back in 1967 during the first ever intercollegiate  Judo Championships. Stories about when Sensei Porter died and Keith flew out to West Point and was honored to deliver the eulogy at his service. Many others... what an evening. 

Come and join us at the Judo Club or see us on You Tube.

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Dinner with Sensei

The Boy's along with their wives, had dinner with Sensei Wilkinson Sunday April 11th, 2019 at the Black Horse.

We Love the stories.

We love hearing stories when Sensei was studying Judo in Japan back in the day. Also, when his Judo Team from University of Boulder, competed against Sensei Porters Air Force team, in the first ever collegiate Judo Championships.

What an honor.

Come and Join us at Burns Valley Judo Club or check out our video's on You Tube.

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Raymond P. Earns The Rank Of Gokyu

Raymond Joined Burns Valley Judo Club In June Of 2018.

On March 6th, 2019 He was Promoted to Gokyu.

Raymond is an excellent student and is well on his way to a great journey in the martial arts.

We are now considering opening for new classes. If interested contact us now.

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Sensei Porter Dies Aug. 7th 2011.

On  Aug 26th, 2011, I flew out to West Point Military Academy  and gave the eulogy at his service. It was a great honor as his friend and long time Judo student. I deeply miss him and his excellent personal teaching.

Come to Burns Valley Judo Club and sense that his energy is still present.

 We are a judo and Jujitsu Martial Arts Club.

Contact us now at polbeth@ hbci.com

We would love to here from you.

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Ethan Fabian

We Lost A Very Close Judo Student August 8th, 2017.

Ethan Was One Of The Best, Kindest, And Dedicated Students A Sensei Could Have.

He Was With The Club For Years Starting In Our Kids Class And  He Earned His 1st Degree Black Belt, Shodan, on Feb. 2nd, 2016. It Was My Privalage To Have Him As My Student.

Ethan, You Are Greatly Missed.

In Loving Memory,  Sensei.

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Ethan Fabian

Ethan Fabian in our kids class that met on Wednesday nights, on the right, dreaming about having his picture on the Black Belt wall of fame.

He made it to the wall a year before he was killed.

If I receive enough interested kids we would get that class going again.

e-mail us at polbeth@hbci.com

We would love to hear from you.

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Passing of the belts

On April 9th, 2009, Burns Valley Judo Club at the direction of Sensei Wilkinson, performed the "Passing of the Belts" a tradition in Judo. Sensei's black belt was tied around my waist and my very wore out belt was tied around Levi's waist to indicate the next in line. It was a very memorable evening.

Come and Join