Sensei Wilkinson


Brice J. Wilkinson began a wrestling career in high school while living in Colorado and wrestled his way to conference champion. He continued with his wrestling career attending the University of Colorado.

Brice began his career in Judo while he was with the United States Air Force, stationed in Japan. Sensei Wilkinson studied Judo at the “Toyoka Machi Dojo” outside Johnson’s Air Force Base in Toyoka, Japan. Sensei Wilkinson attended the first ever 1955 World Judo Championships in Japan. He competed in many judo tournaments all over Japan. Before rank promotions could take place the students would have to go and compete in a tournament and win at least 3 out of 5 matches in that tournament before they could be promoted.
Sensei Wilkinson earned the Rank of Shodan at the Toyoka Dojo and he tested and earned the rank of Nidan in 1956. His testing for the Nidan promotion took place at the Kodokan, in Tokyo, Japan. Sensei Wilkinson remembers the experience and he remembers the great Mifume and Mifume’s presence at the Kodokan during his testing.

After the year 1956, he returned to the United States and was a player and a coach for the judo team at the University of Colorado.  
In 1961-62 he competed as both coach and player in the United States Judo Championships in Colorado and placed 4th in the overall standings. He was the coach for the Judo team from the University of Colorado and his team competed against Sensei Porter’s Judo team from the Air Force Academy. During those years, 1956-1961,both coaches, Porter and Wilkinson, competed with their teams in the first National Collegiate Championships held in Colorado.

Sensei Wilkinson began to study the art of Tai Chi in the early 80’s and met an instructor by the name of Quinton Humphrey’s who taught Sensei Wilkinson the Chen Man Ching form of Tai Chi. He has studied with the great T.T. Liang and teaches the form to many in the Winona area to this day. His expertise and experience in Tai Chi is very extensive.

Sensei Wilkinson’s accomplishments and expertise are many.

The Burns Valley Judo Club is proud to have Sensei Wilkinson as Sensei. Congratulations from all of us at the judo club for all of your accomplishments!

Sensei Wilkinson’s Education:

  • B.A. Speech and Law University of Colorado
  • M.A. Speech and Law University of Colorado
  • 1962-1964, Taught at Central Methodist College
  • 1964-1967, Taught at Wayne State College
  • 1967-1968, Pacific University in Forest Grove Oregon
  • 1968-1970, Taught Judo in Eugene Oregon. Promoted his first student to Shodan, (Nick Berrong)
  • 1969-1970, Earned his Phd in Communication Theory from University of Oregon
  • 1971, Accepted a teaching position at Winona State University
  • 1972-1979, Taught Judo at the YMCA in Winona
  • 1985, Promoted Keith Polus to the rank of Shodan, the first and only student he has ever referred to as Sensei


Sensei Wilkinson

Interview with Sensei Wilkinson at his home.